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Beetham Tower Manchester

The Beetham Tower is a striking residential skyscraper located in Manchester City Center in England. It is considered as the tallest building in Manchester and the tallest in the UK outside of London. It is also known as the Hilton Tower, mainly because of the two Hilton corporate logos visible on each side of the

Philadelphia City Hall

The Philadelphia City Hall is the seat of government of the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. It is considered as the second tallest masonry building in the world, shorter only to the Mole Antonelliana of Italy by a mere 1.6 feet. It is considered as one of the more recognizable landmarks in the city. Philadelphia

United States Capitol

The United States Capitol is a famous government building and landmark located atop Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. It is considered the home of the United States Congress and the legislature of the US Federal government. It is one of the more recognizable buildings in the US and has quite a long history attached to

Brasilia Cathedral

Brasilia Cathedral is a unique and striking Roman Catholic cathedral and landmark located in Brasilia, Brazil. It serves as the seat of the archdiocese of Brasilia. It is officially known as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady Aparecida, who is also known as the Queen and Patroness of Brazil. Brasilia Cathedral History the cornerstone for