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Tokyo City Hall

Tokyo City Hall is a striking government building located in the Shinjuku District in Tokyo, Japan. Also known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the Tokyo City Hall is the main headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan government, which oversees 23 wards as well as the other cities, towns and villages that make up the whole

The Cloud Gate

The Cloud Gate is a unique and popular public sculpture that is located at the Millennium Park within the Loop community of Chicago, Illinois. It is the centerpiece of the AT&T Plaza building and is one of the more popular public sculptures located in the city. Cloud Gate Profile The Cloud Gate, also more commonly

Bara Imambara Complex

The Bara Imambara is one of the grandest buildings found in Lucknow, India. Although not as famous or popular as the other ancient Indian landmarks, it does hold its own as one of the more unique building complexes in the country, not only through its history but also by how it was designed. “Bara” means

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

The Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in Mexico City, situated on top of a former Aztec sacred precinct. It is considered to be the largest as well as the oldest cathedral in the Americas. It is also known as the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary of Mexico City.