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Two Towers Of Bologna

The Two Towers of Bologna is the most popular of the group of medieval structures that can be found in the city of Bologna in Italy. They are considered as primary landmarks in the city and have been preserved and have become part of the city’s appeal and attractions. The Two Towers are particularly being

Torre Altus

Torre Altus is a skyscraper located in Bosques de las Lomas in Paseo de los Laureles y Alcanfores in Mexico City, Mexico. Its location is part of one of the most exclusive residential and commercial areas in Latin America. It is considered to be the tallest residential building in Mexico as well as in the

Chase Tower

Chase Tower is a tall skyscraper located in 111 Monument Circle in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is currently considered to be the tallest building in Indianapolis and the 38th tallest building in the United States. It was initially named as the American Fletcher Tower and was also known previously as the Bank One Tower. Chase Tower

200 West Street Building

The 200 West Street Building is a 43 story skyscraper located at the Battery Park city area of Manhattan in New York. Its name is its specific address, located in between Vesey and Murray Streets. It is also sometimes known as the Goldman Sachs Headquarters, being the global headquarters of the investment bank. 200 West