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The Glass Palace

The Glass Palace is a modernist building located in Heerlen, Netherlands. It was initially built in 1935 as a fashion house and a department store. But it has since become a cultural center in the city. The original name for the building is the Modehuis Schunk, or Schunk Fashion House. But it was eventually nicknamed

Al Hamra Tower

The Al Hamra Tower is a new skyscraper located in the heart of downtown Kuwait City, Kuwait. It is considered as the tallest skyscraper in Kuwait as well as currently belonging in the top ten tallest skyscrapers in the world. But more notably, it is known as the world’s tallest sculpted skyscraper. Al Hamra Tower

Terminal Tower

Terminal Tower is an imposing 1920’s skyscraper that still dominates the Cleveland skyline. It is located on Public Square in downtown Cleveland in Ohio. Because of its age and history as well as its imposing stature in the city skyline, it has become a popular Cleveland landmark. Currently the Terminal Tower is part of the

First Canadian Place Toronto

The first Canadian Place is a tall skyscraper that is located in the financial district of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. It is also known as the First Bank Tower and is the location of the Toronto headquarters for the Bank of Montreal. It is currently considered as the tallest building in Canada. It is also