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Lipstick Building

Lipstick Building is an elliptical-shaped skyscraper that occupies the area between East 53rd Street and 54th Street in Manhattan, New York. Its main address is noted as 885 3rd Avenue. It is also known as the 53rd at Third. It was known as the Lipstick Building primarily due to its shape. Lipstick Building Profile The

Cira Centre Building

The Cira Centre Building is a 29-story Postmodernist skyscraper located in the University District of West Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. It is considered as the tallest building in the city of Philadelphia outside of Center City. It is notable for its changing shape when being viewed from different locations. Cira Centre Building History Cira Centre is

100 North Tampa Building

The 100 North Tampa Building is a skyscraper located in Downtown Tampa in the state of Florida. It was previously known as the Regions Building and the AmSouth Building. It is also considered as the tallest building in Tampa and the 9th tallest building in the whole state of Florida. This unique looking skyscraper is

Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower

The Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower is an imposing building complex located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Also called as the Abraj Al-Bait Towers, it is notable for the fact that it is currently considered as the tallest clock tower in the world. It also holds a number of other records such

Solow Building

Solow Building is an imposing modernist skyscraper located at 9 West 57th Street in Manhattan. It is somewhere west of Fifth Avenue and in between 57th and 58th Street. It is a black and white tower notable for its sloping facade and is one of only two Midtown skyscrapers employing such a design. It is