100 North Tampa Building

The 100 North Tampa Building is a skyscraper located in Downtown Tampa in the state of Florida. It was previously known as the Regions Building and the AmSouth Building. It is also considered as the tallest building in Tampa and the 9th tallest building in the whole state of Florida. This unique looking skyscraper is a prime example of Postmodern architecture.

100 North Tampa Building History

100 North Tampa Building began construction in May, 1990 after a groundbreaking ceremony. It was finished by 1992. The skyscraper was designed by the architectural firm HKS, Inc. The building was planned to be called the Citizens and Southern Bank Plaza prior to construction. But it was later called as the AmSouth Building when it opened in 1992, after AmSouth Bancorporation, the primary tenant of the building. It was also named as the Regions Building for a short time when AmSouth merged with Regions Bank sometime in 2005. But it afterwards adopted the building’s street address as its official name.

100 North Tampa Design

The building is an example of a building designed in the Postmodern architectural style. Its contemporary exterior design shows the three basic features of Postmodernism. Such features include having a Gothic –style roof, granite cornices and prominent setbacks found on the 38th and 40th floors of the building. The material used for the building’s attractive facade is polished Rosa Dante granite that came all the way from Spain. The building’s entrances feature granite arches framing that are 40 feet high.

The skyscraper stands 579 feet or 176 meters tall. It has a total of 42 floors and a total floor area of 552,080 sq. ft. or 51,290 sq. meters. Twelve computer-controlled high speed elevators service the office floors while 3 other elevators serve the different parking levels.

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