1111 Lincoln Road

1111 Lincoln Road1111 Lincoln Road is a widely acclaimed parking garage unlike any other you might have seen. It is an architecturally striking building located in the South Beach section of Miami Beach in Florida. It is located at the western end of the Lincoln Road Mall and at the intersection of Alton Road. Due to its interesting design that sets it apart from other parking garage designs, this parking garage has attracted quite an interest among visitors and tourists in the area.

1111 Lincoln Road History

Sometime in 2005, a local developer bought the SunTrust Bank office building that dates back from 1968 and follows a Brutalist style design. The property included a surface parking lot. Planning to revitalize this area of the property, the developer wanted to build a parking garage that is of equal height to the adjacent building. The developer then went on to get the services of well-known architects to build a one-of-a-kind parking garage. The developer then went on to choose the architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron. Construction of the structure began in 2008 and was completed and opened in 2010.

1111 Lincoln Road Features

Chief designer Christine Binswanger likened the design to a house of cards. The unique parking garage features an open-air structure with no exterior walls. The floor heights vary from 8 to 34 feet. Some floors have steep internal ramps because of the wider height intervals. A winding staircase and elevators take the drivers to and from their cars.

The building also has a glassed-in high fashion boutique on the edge of its fifth floor. There are retail spaces available at the street level. The roof features an 18,000 square-foot or 1,700 square-meter penthouse apartment with a pool and gardens. Because of its unique design, the 1111 Lincoln Road has become a popular tourist attraction in the vicinity. Many architects, photographers and students also go to see the structure to study its design.

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