200 West Street Building

The 200 West Street Building is a 43 story skyscraper located at the Battery Park city area of Manhattan in New York. Its name is its specific address, located in between Vesey and Murray Streets. It is also sometimes known as the Goldman Sachs Headquarters, being the global headquarters of the investment bank.

200 West Street History

200 West Street was constructed in 2005. It was faced with a number of delays and problems before it was finally completed in 2009. Its main contractor, Tishman Construction Corporation faced a number of safety violations that halted construction on the building for several days due to several accidents that happened on site. The building was built in an area that was affected by the 9/11 attacks.

200 West Street Features

200 West Street stands 740 feet or 230 meters high. It has a total of 43 floors and with a total of 53 elevators servicing them. This Modernism inspired skyscraper was designed by architectural firm Pei Cobb Freed and Partners. The building occupies a total of 2,100,000 sq. ft. or 195,000 sq. meters.

This relatively new addition to the Manhattan skyline has been awarded with the LEED Gold Certification for its environmentally friendly design. This green building makes use of a raised floor underfloor air system. Conditioned air for the living spaces is provided by several environmental air towers that deliver 62 degree air into a raised access floor plenum. The system provides the occupants with the ability to control space temperature and improve overall space ventilation.

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