432 Park Avenue Building

432_Park_Avenue432 Park Avenue is a new super tall residential skyscraper located in midtown Manhattan in New York. Standing at 425.5 meters or 1,396 feet, it is considered to be the tallest residential building in the world. It is the second tallest building in New York after One World Trade Center and the third tallest in the US. However, when measured by roof height, 432 Park Avenue is considered as the tallest building in New York, surpassing One World Trade Center by 8.5 meters or 28 feet.

432 Park Avenue History
The 432 Park Avenue Building was originally proposed to stand 396 meters or 1,300 feet tall. But modifications in the design allowed it to reach the height it has now. The building stood on the site of the 495-room Drake Hotel. The said hotel, built in 1926 was demolished to make way for the construction of 432 Park Avenue. The residential skyscraper was designed by Rafael Vinoly. Construction on the building started in 2012. With the building topped out on October, 2014, it will be completed and opened by 2015.

432 Park Avenue Features
According to Vinoly, the design revolved around the purest of all geometric forms, which is the square. From the windows to the vertical structure, this geometric form becomes a major design feature. The simplistic approach to its design does not take away from its status as a super tall skyscraper.

The building reaches a height of 425.5 meters or 1,396 feet. It has a total floor count of 85 floors plus 3 underground levels. The skyscraper houses 104 residential apartments. The building features two smaller volumes adjacent to the tower that houses office spaces and around 120 square feet of retail space.

The design of the 432 Park Avenue features a regular grid of exposed concrete units that creates an open basket design from within. With this design, seven independent structures stack up one on top of the other. There are spaces separating the structures that also expose the building cores to the outside elements. The spaces make it possible for the building to achieve better structural stability by deflecting the pressures caused by the wind.

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