63 Building

63 BuildingThe 63 Building is a landmark skyscraper located in Seoul, South Korea. It is found in Yeouido Island that overlooks the Han River. The number "63" refers to the number of official floors of the building, with 60 of them above ground and 3 as basement floors. The 63 Building is an iconic structure that becomes part of the rapid economic boom that South Korea experienced in a relatively short amount of time.

63 Building Facts

63 Building is one of Seoul’s most famous buildings. It was considered as the country’s tallest building from 1985, when it was completed, until 2002. It has since been surpassed by the Hyperion Tower for the title of being the tallest building in South Korea. It was even considered as the tallest tower building in Asia for a time in 1985. The 63 Building became an iconic symbol for the nation’s rapid economic growth that led them from a country mired in poverty to one of Asia’s major economic giants.

63 Building Features

The building is primarily made up of steel and follows a modern architectural design. It stands 248 meters or 817 feet high. The first as second basement floors of the building houses an indoor aquarium while the main floor features an IMAX theater. All the other lower floors contain a large shopping area. It also houses a convention center and a banquet hall.

Another interesting and popular feature of the 63 Building is its observation deck located at the topmost floor. Known as the 63 Golden Tower, the observation deck provides a very good view of the city and is a popular destination among visitors and tourists. There are special elevators available on the building equipped with windows that provide passengers a good view of the city while riding up to and down from the observation deck.

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