Aspire Tower

Aspire TowerAspire Tower is a 318 meter tall structure located in the Sports City Complex in Doha, Qatar. It is currently considered as the tallest structure in Doha but is expected to be surpassed by the Dubai Towers which is currently undergoing construction. The Aspire Tower is also known as the Khalifa Sports Tower and the Doha Olympic Tower.

Tower Facts

The 318 meter tall tower is a hyperbolic tower designed to resemble the shape of a torch. The tower was initially designed and built to hold the flame for the 2006 Asian Games held in the said city. And for this reason, the tower was built near the proximity of the Games’ main venue, the Khalifa International Stadium. And with this unique function, the Aspire Tower holds the record for having the tallest as well as the highest positioning of the Games flame ever. During the actual Games, the flame can be seen throughout Doha.

Tower Design

The tower was designed by Hadi Simaan. Shaped after a torch, the tower design made use of a concrete central core which acts as the structure’s primary support. The remaining body of the tower is made up of a steel structure that cantilevers out from the concrete core. Its exterior is made up of steel mesh which was illuminated by LED lights during the 2006 Asian Games.

Tower Features

The topmost feature of the Aspire Tower is the flame holder during the 2006 Asian Games. It supported an eight to ten meter high flame that can be seen al over Doha. After the Games ended and the flame put out, it was replaced by a laser beam that shoots out towards the sky.

Aside from being a symbolical torch, the Aspire Tower also houses a sports museum, restaurants and business centers, a 136-room five star hotel and a cantilevered swimming pool located 80 meters above ground. For its unique architectural design, the Aspire Tower is also known to be the world’s tallest structure ever clad in woven wire cloth.

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