AT&T Building Nashville

Att_building_nashvilleThe AT&T Building is a 33-story skyscraper located in Nashville, Tennessee. Also known by its other names such as the BellSouth Building and the South Central Bell Building, many people in the area affectionately call it the Batman Building. This skyscraper has a unique design that many people have pictured as a giant taser. The AT&T Building is currently considered as the tallest building in the state of Tennessee.

AT&T Building History

Plans for building the skyscraper started when its initial owner, South Central Bell, wanted to build an iconic signature building that will rise up over the Nashville skyline. Architectural firm Earl Swensson Associates was tasked to design the building and came up with the concept of a tower with twin spires. Construction of the building started in 1991. It was completed and opened in August of 1994.

AT&T Building Features

The AT&T Building is a 33-story skyscraper and stands 617 feet or 188.1 meters tall measured up to its antenna spire. It was designed as an office tower capable of accommodating 2,000 employees. The building has a floor area of 690, 297 sq. ft. or 64, 131 sq. meters. It stands on a 2.7-acre property. The building also features a three-story winter garden atrium as its foyer.

The AT&T Building Nashville is distinctive in that it is designed with twin spires on each end of the skyscraper top. Some say it resembles a taser from afar. But most of the locals have called it the Batman Building for its resemblance of the masked superhero, especially if you take in the contrasting coloration distinct with the tower.

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