Baku Flame Towers

Baku_Flame_TowersThe Baku Flame Towers is a complex of three buildings located in the city of Baku in Azerbaijan. It is quite distinct in the Baku skyline because of the three buildings designed to form flames, hence its name. The three towers consist of a hotel, apartments, and office blocks. It is also considered as the tallest structures in Azerbaijan.

Baku Flame Towers History

The capital city of Baku in Azerbaijan has a long and ancient history of fire worship. The city’s coat of arms depicts this with its three flames. This history became the inspiration for its design. Fire also symbolizes energy and eternity, which the city wants to identify with its historical past and the strength of its future.

The architects of HOK International designed the Flame Towers. The building was initially constructed on October of 2007. The design of the building presented many challenges during construction. Aside from the design, there were the strong winds to account for which delayed the construction several times. The engineers also had to take into account the seismic activity in the area. Eventually, construction on the Flame Towers was completed on 2012, a year after its original completion time. The towers were opened to the public in 2013.

Baku Flame Towers Features

The Flame Towers complex consists of three towers sharing a common podium. The towers are designed with a continuously curved shape to emulate flames. The towers are set in a triangular shape. The three towers have varied heights, the tallest of which is the residential tower, standing 190 meters or 620 feet tall. This also makes it the tallest structure in the whole of Azerbaijan. The hotel tower stands 160 meters or 520 feet tall while the office block stands 140 meters or 460 feet tall.

Aside from its unique flame-like design, the Flame Towers are also noted for its striking illumination at night. The towers exteriors are completely covered with LED illumination screens composed of more than 10,000 lights that can offer a wide range of visual displays. The Flame Towers are usually illuminated with light that mimics the movement of fire that is visible from the farthest points of the city. But other spectacles can also be display a waving flag of the country as well as other moving images.

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