Bank Of America Center Houston

The Bank of America Center is a unique highrise building situated in downtown Houston, Texas. It is considered as one of the first postmodern architectural style buildings that was constructed in the city. It was also formerly known as the RepublicBank Center, the NationsBank Center and the NCNB Center.

Bank Of America Center Profile

The Bank of America Center was completed in October of 1983. it was designed by architect Philip Johnson in partnership with John Burgee. The building was developed by Hines Interests and owned by MM Properties and in a joint venture with an affiliate of the General Electric Pension Trust. It was generally designed to be an office building.

The Bank of America Center stands 240 meters or 780 feet high. It has a total of 56 floors, making it the 7th tallest building in Texas and the 51st tallest building overall in the US. It also has 32 elevators that service the building tenants.

Bank Of America Center Design

The Bank of America is an example of a postmodern architectural style building. Its primary design is reminiscent of Dutch Gothic architecture similar to the canal houses found in The Netherlands. The tower is particularly identified by its unique steeply pitched gabled roof line that is topped with numerous spires.

The building as three segmented tower setbacks placed one in front of another according to height. Due to a construction problem, the banking hall is located beside the main tower. What is unique with this structure is that it houses a two story Western Union Building that occupied the site prior to the tower’s construction.

The problem faced during construction of the tower was that relocation of the existing Western Union Building along with moving its communications cable was deemed unfeasible and would have cost the developer millions of dollars per minute. The problem was solved by constructing the banking hall to completely surround the existing two story building with all its communication cables intact and unmoved. The result is a 120 feet tall structure designed similar to the main tower along with its steep gabled roof line and with a 3rd floor lobby. The Bank of America Center is one of the more notable skyscrapers in the city of Houston.

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