Bosco Verticale

green residential towersThe Bosco Verticale is a pair of unique towers located in Milan, Italy. It is a twin residential tower with a unique feature that makes it stand out- each tower houses trees as an integral part of the design. The buildings’ terraces contain around a total of 900 trees planted in over 8,900 square feet of space, quite fitting for its name, which means vertical forest in English.

Bosco Verticale History

The building project was conceptualized as part of the rehabilitation of the historic district of Milan, which is located between Via De Castillia and Confalonieri. The plan was to build two residential towers and will feature trees to help control smog and produce oxygen. The design for the two towers were created by the designers at Boeri Studio. The designed considered inputs from horticulturists and botanists for integrating the terraced gardens of trees used in the two buildings.

After the design was approved, construction began around late 2009 and early 2010. Progress was relatively slow during the first phase of the project going into 2011.  Eventually, the two towers were completed in the middle of 2012. The two buildings were inaugurated in October 2014.

Bosco Verticale Features

The Bosco Verticale complex is mainly composed of two residential towers, one a 26th Floor building standing 110 meters high and a smaller tower with 18 floors that stands 76 meters high. Their common feature is the integration of greenery all over the structure from the ground up. Each floor contains areas planted with trees that grow between three to six meters. Aside from trees, there are also shrubs, perennials and groundcover plants on its facades. The overall plant cover found in the towers is equivalent to plants cultivated in a one hectare lot. Aside from the aesthetic features these plants add to the design of the building, the plants also help mitigate smog and pollution not only within the building spaces but also in its immediate surroundings. It is for this interesting and unique design feature that the Bosco Verticale was selected as the “2015 Best Tall Building Worldwide” by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Awards Jury.

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