Burj Al Arab Building

Burj Al ArabThe Burj Al Arab building is a striking skyscraper located in Dubai, united Arab Emirates. It houses a luxury hotel and is considered to be the third tallest hotel building in the world. Also known as the "Tower of the Arabs" or more commonly as the "Arab Sail", the Burj Al Arab is considered to be one of the more recognizable landmarks and one f the symbolic icons of the city of Dubai.

Burj Al Arab History

The Burj Al Arab was first constructed in 1994. it was designed to resemble an Arab dhow, which is a type of Arabian boat. The city wanted a building to become the symbol of Dubai’s rapid urban transformation. This was what its architect, Tom Wright was instructed to make when developing the design for the Burj Al Arab. The building was completed in 2001.

Burj Al Arab Features

The construction of the Burj Al Arab has to face quite a number of challenges. First of all, the whole structure has to be constructed on an artificial island 280 meters away from Jumeira Beach. It is connected to the mainland via a private curving bridge built for the purpose of getting to and from the artificial island. To make it more stable and secure, 230 forty-meter concrete piles were driven deep into the sand of the artificial island to serve as the building’s foundation. A surface layer of large rocks were also added to protect the foundation from erosion.

The Burj Al Arab stands 321 meters or 1,053 feet tall. Despite its height, the Burj Al Arab only contains 28 double-storey floors. It can accommodate 202 bedroom suites, the smallest of which occupies 169 sq. meters while the largest rooms cover a 780 sq. meter area. The Burj Al Arab is also considered as one of the most expensive hotels in the world, the most expensive suite of which costs 28,000 US dollars for a night’s stay.


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