Casa Batllo

Casa BatlloCasa Batllo is a popular building located in the center of Barcelona, Spain. Aside from its interesting and unique design, it is also well renowned by virtue of its architect, Antoni Gaudi. Locally, this structure is known as “Casa dels ossos” or the “house of bones” because of its bony and skeletal quality of architecture.

Casa Batllo History
Casa Batllo is actually a renovated classical building without any remarkable characteristics. The former building was built in 1877 by Antoni Gaudi himself. The design of this 5-storey home was considered undesirable to buyers when it was put up on sale sometime in the 1900’s. Josep Batllo, member of a well-known family in Barcelona at that time, eventually bought the property, more because of its centralized location than by its design. The area was then known as a prestigious and fashionable part of the city and Josep wanted to build a home like on other in the area.

Josep sought the help of Gaudi to design his home. While he initially planned to tear down the building and build a new one in its place, Gaudi suggested and convinced the owner to simply renovate the existing building. Renovation work started in 1904 and was eventually completed and refurbished in 1906. Gaudi was able to change the overall look of the building according to the wishes of the owner who wanted a house that stood out and unlike any other in the area during that time.

Casa Batllo Features
Casa Batllo is identifiable in the style of Modernisme or Art Noveau, which typically defines the other buildings that Antoni Gaudi designed. The home features unusual design features such as irregular oval windows, few noticeable straight lines in its architecture and the use of broken ceramic tiles as a colorful mosaic for its facade. The roof is arched and with the use of a scaled design, which many people likened to a back of a dinosaur or a dragon.

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