Chase Tower

Chase Tower is a tall skyscraper located in 111 Monument Circle in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is currently considered to be the tallest building in Indianapolis and the 38th tallest building in the United States. It was initially named as the American Fletcher Tower and was also known previously as the Bank One Tower.

Chase Tower History

The building was initially conceived to become the headquarters of the American Fletcher National Bank and Trust Company (AFNB), which was then Indiana’s largest financial institution. With plans already in place but with the actual construction of the tower not yet begun, the bank holding company was sold to Ohio’s Bank One Corporation in 1986. Eventually, construction started in 1988 on the newly designated Bank One Center Tower.

When the tower was being built, it was planned to be integrated into the existing AFNB headquarters, mainly to preserve its Monument Circle address to also include the new tower. Construction of the building was completed in 1990. the tower became Chase Tower after Bank One Corporation was acquired by J.P. Morgan Chase in the early 2000’s.

Chase Tower Features

The Chase tower was designed by the architectural firm Stubbins Associates. The tower stands 830 feet or 253 meters tall, including its pair of antenna spires. Its roof height is 700 feet or 210 meters tall. It has a total of 48 floors with an elevator count of 27.

The design of the Chase Tower is inspired by the design of the Indiana War Memorial, as seen from the tower’s step pyramidal cap. Because of the building height, it was also designed to also house communications relay equipment. The tower has a pair of antenna spires on top. But only one of them is a transmission antenna, with the other one acting only as an architectural decoration.

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