Cira Centre Building

The Cira Centre Building is a 29-story Postmodernist skyscraper located in the University District of West Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. It is considered as the tallest building in the city of Philadelphia outside of Center City. It is notable for its changing shape when being viewed from different locations.

Cira Centre Building History

Cira Centre is built on top of an old set of railway tracks that already existed since the 1960’s. In fact, the site of the skyscraper was once a parking deck sitting on top of the railway tracks. It was an old rail yard area that was planned for conversion to an expansion site for the city even way back in the 1960’s. But such plans never fully realized or even pushed through.

The area was owned by Amtrak and wanted to develop the area in order to develop and improve ridership at its 30th Street Station as well as develop the surrounding real estate. The plan to build the Cira Centre was proposed which also included the development of the existing parking deck above the railway tracks into a landscaped garden and parking lot. The building was first constructed in 2004. It was designed by noted architect Cesar Pelli. The Cira Centre eventually was opened to the public by October, 2005.

Cira Centre Building Features

The Cira Centre Building stands 437 feet or 133 meters high and contains a total of 29 floors. It has a total floor area of 731,852 square feet or 68,000 square meters. There are a total of 16 elevators that serve the different floors of the building.

The Cira Centre is a silver glass curtain wall skyscraper that follows a Postmodern architectural style. It is notable for its different profile shape when being viewed from different directions. There is a pedestrian bridge that was built connecting the Cira Centre to the nearby 30th Street Station. The skyscraper is also known for its dynamic lighting scheme that gives it an added feature worth looking at during the evenings. It makes use of LED lights incorporated inside the glass curtain wall that changes into different colors and patterns when lighted.

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