Columbia Center Building

The Columbia Center is a striking skyscraper located in downtown Seattle. It is considered as the tallest building in the city as well as in the whole State of Washington. It was formerly called as the Bank of America Tower and the Columbia Seafirst Center. It is also the 2nd tallest building in the West Coast and the 20th tallest building in the whole country.

Columbia Center Features

Columbia Center stands 284.2 meters or 932 feet high. It has a total of 76 floors located above ground and an additional 7 stories located below the ground. It also has a total of 46 elevators in use. It has a total floor area of 142,900 sq meters or 1,538,000 sq ft, most of which are used as class A office space. The Columbia Center was constructed in 1982 and was finished and made open for use in 1985. the design for this striking and predominantly black building was done by Chester L. Lindsey Architects. The building was built by Howard S. Wright Construction.

Columbia Center Design

The unique modernist Columbia Center is designed with a structure that is composed of 3 geometric concave facades. This design makes the building look like it is composed of three different towers standing side by side. The design of the building originally has it standing 306.5 meters or 1,0005 feet high. But federal regulations of the FAA made that impossible due to the building’s close proximity to the Sea-Tac Airport.

The base of the Columbia Center is made up of polished Rosa Purino Carnelian granite. It was built with a framed tubing structural system and with steel and glass as its primary building materials. This building also has an observation deck located at the 73rd floor which provides views of the city of Seattle and its surroundings.

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