DC Tower 1

donau city tower 1

DC Tower 1 is a completed high-rise building located in Vienna’s Donau City district in the country of Austria. Also known as the Donau City Tower, DC Tower 1 is the first of two towers being built in the complex. The DC Tower 1 is also considered as the tallest building in Austria.

DC Tower 1 History

Due to the effects of the global financial crisis in 2007, development of the DC Tower 1 was delayed several times until it was eventually announced in February, 2010. Construction of the first tower started on June of 2010. It was completed in 2014.

DC Tower 1 Features

The DC Tower 1 is currently the tallest building in Austria at 220 meters or 720 feet tall. It is 18 meters higher than the second tallest building in the city, the Millennium Tower. The tower has a total of 60 floors. Most of the spaces for the tower is reserved for offices although there are also spaces available for a hotel, restaurants and for residential lofts.

The DC Tower 1 has a distinct folded glass facade design shows a unique way to look at the skyline of the city. It also contrasts to the straight sided walls on the other three sides of the tower. Together with the unfinished smaller Tower 2, it was designed to look like two parts of a gigantic monolith that has broken into two unequal halves. The space between the two buildings will frame the views of the city from the river. The uneven facade also creates a shifting pattern that creates a play of light and shadows, animating the surface and giving it a rippling effect.

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