Evolution Tower

Evolution Tower is a skyscraper that forms part of the Moscow international Business Center in Moscow, Russia. This neo-futuristic style building design is characterized by its twisting vertical structure. It was awarded second place in the  Emporis Skyscraper Award for 2015.

Evolution Tower History

The Evolution Tower was designed by RMJM as part of the of the new Moscow City business district. Principal architects Tony Kettle and Karen Forbes developed the main design of the building in detail. The design reflected the use of spirals in early Russian architecture and offers a dynamic composition that changes the view of the building structure from different vantage points. The design aims to merge the past and the present progress of the city and well into the future.  Construction of the tower started on 2011 and was completed on October of 2015.

Evolution Tower Features

The Evolution Tower stands 255 meters or 837 feet tall. At this height, the tower has a total of 55 floors that totals 82,000 sq. meters of space. The building also operates a total of 17 elevators to serve the different floors of the tower.  In order to create the twisting structure, the design of the building has each floor rotate 3 degrees relative to the previous floor. When it reaches the top, the structure has rotated a total of 135 degrees.


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