Federation Tower East

The Federation Tower East is part of two towers located at the Moscow International Business Center in Moscow, Russia. The Federation Tower East is the tallest of the two skyscrapers. Also called the Vostok Tower, the Federation Tower East is considered as the tallest building in Europe when it was completed in 2017.  It is considered also as the 36th tallest building in the world.

Federation Tower East History

The Federation Tower was first conceptualized by Sergei Tchoban, a German-Russian engineer, and Peter Schweger, a German professor and engineer. The building complex was first constructed in 2005. But construction was halted in 2008 due to the Great Recession that affected global economies.  It was until August of 2011 that the construction on the building resumed. The Tower East was topped out on December of 2014. The Federation Tower East was eventually completed in 2017.

Federation Tower East Features

As part of a building complex, the Federation Tower East is one of two towers built on a single podium. The Tower West is a smaller structure consisting of 65 floors and stands 242 meters or 794 feet tall. The Federation Tower East on the other hand stands 374 meters or 1,227 feet tall and has a total of 95 floors. The initial plan of the tower complex also consists of an antenna spire that stands 450 meters or 1,476 feet tall, making it taller than Tower East.  It would also act as an observation deck to allow visitors a 360-degree view of the Moscow skyline. But unfortunately,  it was not completed and was eventually dismantled.

The Federation Tower East is designed for mixed-use spaces that will house offices, retail areas, luxury apartments, and a luxury hotel. The hotel facilities will also include a ballroom, as well as conference and events center. Aside from being the tallest building in Russia as well as the whole of Europe, the Federation Tower East will also house the highest digital clock in the world.

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