Gooderham Building

The Gooderham Building is a historic landmark red brick building that is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Its specific address 49 Wellington Street East in the city’s Financial District. It is also commonly referred to as the Flatiron Building because of its slim triangular profile.

Gooderham Building History

In the place of the Gooderham Building once stood a building called the Coffin Block that was shorter but was similar in shape. A new building was built on the site for distiller George Gooderham, who is the son of the Gooderham & Worts distillery founder William Gooderham. The current building standing was completed in 1892 and was designed by architect David Roberts, Jr. The building then cost around US$18,000 to construct.

Gooderham Building Features

The Gooderham Building is distinctively popular for its narrow wedge shape. It is also known for the mural on its back wall known as the Flatiron Mural made by Canadian artist Michael Bessant. The mural provides an optical illusion that the building contains more windows than it actually does.

The Gooderham Building follows a number of different architectural styles for its design. It has a Romanesque cornice and frieze on its arched windows on the 4th floor. Its main entrance is designed with a French Gothic archway. Its foundation is made of sandstone and its roof out of copper.

Despite its age, the Gooderham Building is still being used as an office building. The building was declared as a historic site by way of the Ontario Heritage Act in 1975.

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