HSBC Main Building Hong Kong

HSBC Main BuildingThe HSBC Main Building is located in the southern part of Statue Square in Central, Hong Kong. The current structure replaced the old HSBC Building that was built in 1935. The modern structure also included elements of traditional Chinese Feng Shui in its design.

HSBC Main Building History

The first HSBC building was known as the Wardley House that was used as the HSBC office from 1865 to 1882 which was also located on the same site. The building was demolished in 1886 to make way for a new building which was constructed on the same year. The second building was demolished in 1935 which gave way to a new structure built in the Art Deco and Stripped Classical style.

By 1970, the progress of the bank far outgrew its headquarters and a new and bigger building was needed. The existing building then was demolished in 1978 and replaced by the current structure which was completed in November, 1985. There were additions to the structure that was then completed in 2006.

HSBC Main Building Design

The current HSBC Main Building was designed by noted British architect, Lord Norman Foster with the help of Arup engineers. The building took six years to complete starting from 1979 to 1985. The building follows a modular design that consists of five steel modules prefabricated in UK and was shipped to Hong Kong . Because if this, it is said that the whole building can be dismantled and transferred to other site when necessary.

HSBC Main Building Features

The HSBC Main Building in Hong Kong stands 180 meters high and contains 47 stories as well as 4 basement levels. One characteristic feature of the building is that it does not contain any internal supporting structure. It is one of the many buildings found in Hong Kong that was built using the philosophiess followed by the practice of Feng Shui. One notable principle used is providing a direct view to a body of water which is considered as "good Feng Shui".

One notable feature of the building is is inverted V segments that consists of suspension trusses. This consists of 8 groups of aluminum-clad steel columns which start from the foundations going up through the core structure. Five levels of triangular suspension trusses are then fixed into these steel columns. Built to a budget that went over US$650million, the HSBC Main Building is still considered today as the most expensive building in Hong Kong.

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