Innovation Tower

Jockey_Club_Innovation_TowerInnovation Tower is a striking building that forms part of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Also known as the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, this building is located in the northwestern tip of the university campus in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The building houses the University’s School of Design.

Innovation Tower History

The Hong Kong PolyU wanted to build a building that will stand on the vacant space on the North side of the campus. The administrators of the school wanted to make creative use of the space and conducted a competition to design a unique structure that encapsulates the objective of building something that will symbolize the driving development in Hong Kong as a design hub in the Asian region. The design competition was announced in 2007. Among the many entries received, the school chose noted architect Zaha Hadid’s design for the building. Funding for the construction was provided by the Hong Kong Jockey Club to the tune of around HK$249 million, hence the Jockey Club Innovation Tower name. Construction on the new building started around 2009. Construction was expected to finish around 2011. But the building was eventually completed on 2013.

Innovation Tower Features

The Innovation Tower houses the HK PolyU School of Design. This 15-storey building makes use of a fluid design to highlight its striking features. It stands 76 meters or 249 feet tall. It has a total floor area of around 15,000 square meters or 160,000 square feet. It can accommodate a total of 1,800 students and staff.

The building is designed in a unique manner because it occupies an irregularly shaped property inside the campus in between the campus football field on one side and Chatham Road/Kowloon Corridor motorway interchange on the other. The design of the building features a more fluid composition that veers away from the typical features of a building. It has an elongated shape with a center having a larger bulge than at the building edges as well as the base and roof.

Main entrance into the building is located at the podium level, with the lower levels used as access routes for the rest of the university. The building houses not only classrooms but also

design studios, labs, workshops, exhibition areas, theatre and a communal lounge.

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