Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

Mode Gakuen Cocoon TowerThe Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower is a 50-story educational institution located in Shinjuku, Tokyo in Japan. The building is considered as the second tallest educational building in the world after the Moscow State University. Its unique design and concept bagged for the building the Skyscraper of the Year Award for 2008 given by Emporis.

General Information

The Cocoon Tower is built right in the middle of Tokyo’s important business district. It stands 204 meter high, the design of which was chosen in a design competition organized Mode Gakuen.

The winning design proposal came from architectural firm Tange Associates. The Cocoon Tower was completed on October 2008. As an educational facility, it houses Tokyo Mode Gakuen, a fashion school, HAL Tokyo, a special technology and design college and Shuto Iko, a medical college.

Design Features

During the design competition the only condition that the organizers wanted was for the building not to be designed in the usual rectangular shape. The design team at Tange Associates offered the design proposal featuring a cocoon-like structure, symbolizing a building that nurtures the students inside it. The design also incorporated the traditional Japanese design motif, the mukuri, which makes use of convex curves in the building in order to increase floor space.

A noticeable feature of the building aside from its curving shape is its white aluminum and dark blue glass exterior. This curves shell is criss-crossed with a web of white diagonal lines, indicative of a cocoon as its name suggests. This building can accommodate 10,000 students taking classes in the three different schools housed inside.


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