New York Times Building

The New York Times Building is a tall skyscraper that is located on the west side of Midtown Manhattan in New York. It serves as the main headquarters for the New York Times Company, publishers of the New York Times, The Boston Globe as well as 15 and more other daily newspapers.

New York Times Building History

Construction of The New York Times Building was a joint venture between The New York Times Company, ING Reals Estate and Forest City Ratner Companies. The project was announced on December 13, 2001 which also highlighted the fact that it was one of the two projects that led to the expansion of Midtown Manhattan along the west side of Eighth Avenue, an area where no new construction was conducted since 1989. Construction of the New York Times Building started in 2003. The building was completed and ready for occupancy by 2007.

New York Times Building Design Features

The New York Times Building was designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and the FXFOWLE Architects. It follows a Modernism architectural style. The building stands 319 meters or 1,046 feet high, including its mast. It has a total of 52 floors that covers a total area of 143,000 sq. meters or 1,540,000 sq. feet.

The New York Times Building has a facade that features of glass panels that extend to 802 feet, higher than the building’s rooftop. The glass panels acts as a curtain wall which is built with ceramic rods mounted on the exterior of the glass panels that are fixed on the east, west and south facades of the building.

The glass curtain wall was added to the structure to incorporate features that will provide increased energy efficiency. The ceramic rods fixed on the curtain wall helps block direct sunlight and reduce cooling loads on the building interiors while also maximizing natural light from coming in. the building also features mechanized shades that are being controlled by sensors that work to help reduce glare. For this and other energy saving features, The New York Times Building is considered as a Green Building, although it has not yet been given a LEED Certification.

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