One Central Park Sydney

One Central Park SydneyOne Central Park Sydney is a two-tower residential building complex located in Sydney, Australia. It is considered to be the first stage of redevelopment in an area that was once dominated by a brewery. The building of One Central Park aimed to feature a structure built in harmony with its natural surroundings. It is designed to be a focal point of the urban renewal project that includes the development of a public park similar to that of Central Park in New York.

One Central Park History

Plans for redeveloping the site started sometime in 2004. But some level of controversy over its development hampered its progress. At around 2007, developers Frasers Property purchased the area with a plan to develop it into an area with greenery but also with mixed use structures that stay in harmony with its immediate surroundings. The master design scheme of the whole complex was done by Foster and Partners, highlighted by more open spaces and the site’s signature
Building, the One Central Park. Construction of the building started sometime in 2009. It was eventually completed in October of 2013.

One Central Park Features
One of the main features of the One Central Park building is its vertical gardens concept. Designed by architect Jean Nouvel, One Central Park is an apartment complex with shopping area located at the lower levels. Its design includes a cantilevered section that features a heliostat created to provide light into the parkland below it. The tallest building in the complex, One Central Park stands 117 meters tall and comes with a total of 34 floors. The vertical gardens on each floor were designed by Patrick Blanc while the other raw organic interiors were designed by Koichi Takada. It gives the residents the feeling that they are living in a tree house.

The heliostat on the roof of the tower feature an arrangement of forty mirrors that track the path of the sun and reflect light to a second series of mirrors fixed to a structure cantilevered 33 meters of the tall tower. The light then bounces between the tall and the lower tower and through the recreation area up to the atrium of the shopping center below. This effect provides adequate lighting into an area that may otherwise be blocked off by the construction of the tower.

At night, the space between the towers are illuminated by the programmable LED light installation known as Sea Mirror. Created by Yann Kersale, it features 2880 programmable LED lights that provide an illuminated colored spectacle to observers and visitors below. Because of its eco-friendly design and features, the One Central Park tower was able to garner a 5-star Green Star rating for a multi-unit residential building. It has also collected other notable awards as one of the best new buildings of 2014.

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