One Wall Center

One Wall Center

One Wall Center is a building that is part of the skyline of downtown Vancouver in

British Columbia, Canada. It is considered as the second tallest skyscraper in the city. It was awarded by Emporis as the Best New Skyscraper in 2001.

Building Profile

The One Wall Center is also known as the Sheraton Wall Center- North Tower. It was designed by Busby Perkins+Will. It is 48 storeys tall and stands 491 feet or 150 meters high. The first 27 floors are occupied by the 4 Diamond Sheraton Hotel. The next three floors are occupied by another private resort. The remaining 17 floors are reserved as private residential condominiums.

Building Features

Due to the height of the building, it required high tech solutions to counteract the swaying effect usually experienced by tall skyscrapers under high wind conditions. To counteract this harmonic swaying, One Wall Center is equipped with a tuned water damping system located at the top of the building. It consists of two specially designed water tanks containing 227,300 liters of water. The tanks were designed so that the movement of the water will counteract the sway of the building.

The One Wall Center exterior has a two tone appearance. The glass panels on the lower levels are dark shaded while those at the upper levels have a lighter tone. The lighter tone was to give the building a lighter appearance so that it would not dominate the skyline of the city. The lighter tone glass panels aim to make the building to blend with the blue sky.

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