One57 Building


One57 is a new 75-story skyscraper rising out of the Midtown neighborhood in Manhattan in New York City. Designed to be a residential building, it stands 306 meters or 1,005 feet tall. This makes it the tallest residential building in the city for now. But as new residential skyscrapers are spouting out of the Manhattan skyline, another upcoming building set to be completed by 2015 might just overtake it.

One57 Building History

One57 was first planned to be a 300,000 square-foot building. But eventually plans for having a building with views of the park began taking shape as the property and air rights start getting bigger and the market started to get better. Foundation work on the building started around January 2010. Sometime in May 2012, it was reported that a buyer agreed to buy a 10,923 square foot duplex penthouse located on the 89th and 90th floors for a record price of over $90 million. The building was able to gather around $1 billion in transactions after six months.

Construction of the building hit a snag when a construction crane used in the building partially collapsed at the height of Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012. A portion of the crane dangled precariously over the side, causing residents living below to evacuate. The crane was finally secured and replaced by November 5, but not before giving many residents a scare for several days. One57 has been completed mid-2014.

One57 Building Profile

One57 is designed by French architect Christian de Portzamparc. Aside from One57, it was also known by other monikers such as Carnegie 57, The Billionaire Building and the Park Hyatt Hotel/Condo, which will open in summer 2014. The building stands 306 meters or 1,005 feet tall. It has a total of 75 floors. The developers are marketing it as a 90-story building, considering that the developers constructed other units in the building with higher ceilings than usual.

The One57 is currently the tallest residential building in the city. It also holds the record of having the highest price ever paid for a single Manhattan residence at more than $90 million. The building features a unique sloping designed top. It also uses a combination of dark and light glass to create vertical stripes as well as a pixilated effect throughout the building structure. The building is set to provide residents with 92 condominium units along with the 210-room Park Hyatt Hotel.

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