Opus Hong Kong

The Opus Hong Kong is a relatively new apartment complex that is located at 53 Stubbes Road in Hong Kong. It is notable in that it is set against the hillsides of The Peak, considered as the highest point in Hong Kong. It is also quite notable in that it is the first building built in Hong Kong that is designed by noted Canadian American architect Frank Gehry.

Opus Hong Kong History

The Swire Group has owned the property where the apartment building was built for more than 60 years. It was also where one of the most senior executive in the company. The Swire Group had wanted to develop the area as an upscale residential block and went on to plan for constructing the Opus Hong Kong. Swire enlisted the services of noted architect Frank Gehry to design the upscale apartment complex.

Gehry presented his initial designs in 2009, which was said to be inspired by the bauhinia flower as well as the location surroundings.  Swire eventually went on to develop the property and construct the apartment complex afterwards, dubbed the Opus Hong Kong. It was eventually completed in 2011.

Opus Hong Kong Features

The design for the Opus Hong Kong comes with Gehry’s trademark use of swaying curves and unique angles, giving the structure a less rigid look. The Opus Hong Kong stands 12 storeys high and is composed of 12 separate apartments. Each floor consists of a single apartment with spaces ranging from 6,000 to 6,900 square feet in size. Ten unique apartments are topped by two double level garden apartments. Each apartment has access to the rooftop swimming pools.

Each apartment of the Opus Hong Kong, being situated at The Peak, provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the whole city. With the development the apartment complex costing the Swire Group around $27,000 per square foot, it is expected that the apartment units may fetch one of the most expensive rates in the whole of Hong Kong.

Image Source: Opus Hong Kong

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