Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera HouseThe Oslo Opera House is a relatively new building that has become the seat of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. It is located in Bjorvika in the center of Oslo, Norway. It provides a unique backdrop that makes it an ideal landmark in Oslo and not just a center for the performing arts.

Oslo Opera House History

The Oslo Opera House was built by Statsbygg a government run construction firm. It was designed by the Norwegian architectural firm Snohetta, the same firm that designed the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. Construction of the opera house was done by 2007 and its opening was held on April 12, 2008.

Oslo Opera House Features

The Oslo Opera House covers a total area of 38,500 square meters. It includes 1,100 rooms, with the largest able to accommodate 1,350 seats while another up to 400 seats. The Oslo Opera House is made primarily of wood, glass, metal and white stone. These were used according to the interpretation of the concept for the design competition. Its unique feature remains to be its roof landscape which also doubles as a park where people can walk through when going inside the opera house. The unique design has given the Oslo Opera House the culture award at the World Architecture Festival on October 2008 that was held in Barcelona, Spain. It was also the winner for the Mies van der Rohe Award for 2009.

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