Philadelphia City Hall

The Philadelphia City Hall is the seat of government of the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. It is considered as the second tallest masonry building in the world, shorter only to the Mole Antonelliana of Italy by a mere 1.6 feet. It is considered as one of the more recognizable landmarks in the city.

Philadelphia City Hall History

The Philadelphia City Hall was built on a site that was designated by William Penn as the Center Square. The site was once the city’s public square from the city’s founding in 1682 up until the construction of the building. The building began construction in 1871and was finished by 1901. The city hall was designed by John McArthur Jr. and Thomas U. Walter.

Philadelphia City Hall Features

The Philadelphia City Hall was designed in the Second Empire architectural style. Constructed at a cost of US$24 million during its time, the building was originally designed to be the world’s tallest but was surpassed by the Washington Monument by the time it was finished. But it was still considered as the world’s tallest habitable building during the time of its completion, with only monuments surpassing it in terms of size.

The Philadelphia City Hall stands 548 feet or 167 meters tall. It is topped by a bronze statue of the city’s founder, William Penn. The Philadelphia City Hall has a total of 9 floors and close to 700 rooms, making it the largest municipal building in the US and one of the largest in the world.

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