Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

Run_Run_Shaw_Creative_Media_CentreThe Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre is a unique looking academic building located within the campus of the City University of Hong Kong along Tat Hong Avenue in Kowloon Tong. The nine-story building is considered as an architectural icon with its unique crystalline design. It has received several architectural awards from Emporis as well as the International Property Awards.

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre History

The construction of the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre was made possible through a donation of HK$100 million from the Shaw Foundation and its late founder Sir Run Run Shaw who was a Hong Kong media and entertainment mogul and philantropist. The donation aimed to construct a centre for the advancement of education in Hong Kong as well as Mainland China. The building was designed by Daniel Libeskind in cooperation with Leigh and Orange Ltd. The building was completed and opened in 2011.

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre Features

The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre is a 9-story building follows a unique design noted for its rough-cut diamond outline. The structure is made out of steel and concrete along with ceramic tile cladding. The asymmetric design aims to make the structure blend in with the surrounding topography, with the location basically situated between the mountains and the water. The building becomes more than just a typical boxed structure. It becomes a crystalline cliff that seems to mimic the irregular shapes indicative of its surroundings.

The nine floors of the building occupy a total of 13,400 sq. m or 144,236 sq. ft of space. The building houses four academic departments of the City University of Hong Kong- the School of Creative Media, Department of Computer, Department of English and the Department of Media and Communication. The design of the building itself also aims to encourage creativity and imagination from its students.

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