Sanyo Solar Ark

Solar ArkThe Sanyo Solar Ark is a large and imposing solar power generating facility located in the Gifu Prefecture in Japan. It is a unique solar structure and considered to be one of the largest solar buildings in the world.

Solar Ark History

It can be said that the Solar Ark was built out of a mistake made by Sanyo several years ago. Sanyo was found guilty of wrongly labeling their solar panels for the market. This led to an investigation which led to the recall by Sanyo the solar hybrid technology from the market that it has labeled wrongly. Left with thousands of those solar panels Sanyo planned to build a solar monument using the recalled technology. The monument was Sanyo’s way of showing their sincere regret towards the problem they caused and to remember what has happened. 

Solar Ark Features

The Solar Ark spans 315 meters and stands 37 meters tall. It was build by the Kajima Corporation for Sanyo. Its main construction is mainly composed of a steel frame with solid trusses. The Solar Ark stands on only four columns to hold the entire structure despite its great length. It was designed in such a way that it gives the impression of floating in the air.

The Solar Ark has around 5,046 solar battery panels installed on it. The solar panels are able to generate around 530,000 KWh of power each year with the generated power being used in the plants located at the complex. Situated at the center of the Solar Ark is the Solar Lab which is a museum that showcases various aspects on the use of solar energy.

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