The Lotte World Tower

The Lotte World Tower is a new supertall skyscraper gracing the skyline of Seoul, South Korea. It is considered to be currently the tallest building in the whole of South Korea. Worldwide, it is ranked 6th among the tallest skyscrapers.

Lotte World Tower History

The Lotte World Tower went through 13 years of site preparation and planning, given that it is to be built as a supertall skyscraper. Construction of the said building was given the go signal by the government of Korea sometime in November of 2010. Initial piling, frame assembly and groundbreaking activities started in March of the next year. Construction of the building went on around a period of 6 years. It was officially opened to the public on April 2, 2017.

Lotte World Tower Details

The design of the building is said to be inspired by the common forms found in traditional Korean ceramics and calligraphy. It features a tapered profile that slims out to the top, interestingly contrasting to that of the mountainous terrain found in its surroundings. Many indicated that the design may be closely similar to that of The Shard in the United Kingdom.

The Lotte World Tower stands 555.7 meters or 1,823 feet tall. It has a total of 123 floors above ground and an additional 6 floors below ground. It is considered to be the very first 100-story skyscraper built in the country. Its chief architect is Kohn Pedersen Fox and was developed by Lotte Engineering and Construction.

The skyscraper is designed for office, retail, and hotel spaces with some reserved as residential space. The 117th to 123rd floors of the tower houses the Seoul Sky, an observatory that can provide visitors a sweeping 360-degree view of the whole of Seoul. Due to its imposing height towering over the city, the Lotte World Tower is now considered as a popular landmark in Seoul.

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