The Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers

Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers

The Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers is a strikingly new skyscraper that dotes the Nagoya skyline. The said building, which opened on February of 2009, offers a unique architectural feature on the busy streets streets of the bustling city in Japan. It stunning design makes the Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers quite something to behold.

The new skyscraper is all of 36 stories high and standing 170 meters tall. The said skyscraper was built by the design firm Nikken Sekkei and is noted for its twisting or spiral design.

The towers seem to follow a corkscrew pattern as it reaches toward the sky. The tower is composed of three spiral structures called wings rotating around the building’s strong inner truss tube core.

As the wing like structures rise, their rotational axis changes, allowing the wings to create the organic curve design of the skyscraper. If viewed from different angles, the towers seem to change shape as provided by the curving structures, giving it an overall dynamic yet elegant design.

The Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers are also notable in the use of "Green Technology" in its design. The building utilizes a natural air ventilation system as well as a double-glassed air flow window system that allows indoor and outdoor air to pass through a cavity in between two glass panes that make up the building’s main window structure. The said cavity also makes use of blinds to prevent air flow according to cooling and heating requirements of the building.

The Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers was built to house classrooms for three educational institutions that represent the school of fashion design, computer programming and medical support. It offers quite an interesting design feature for an educational institution. The Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers would surely attract more than just the students who wish to study there, but also the locals and the tourists who happen to pass by this side of Nagoya’s many busy streets.

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