The Sail At Marina Bay

The Sail at Marina Bay is a lifestyle condominium located at the waterfront of the Marina Bay area in the city of Singapore. More commonly referred to as The Sail by locals, it is considered as the tallest condominium or apartment building in Singapore. The Sail is situated conveniently in several of the city’s landmarks and provides a panoramic view of the city and the Marina Bay.

The Sail At Marina Bay History

The Sail as built on a site that stretches 9,090.0 square meters or around 2.25 acres. This parcel of land was bought by the developers as a “white site”, a term for a land that can be developed either for residential or commercial purposes. The developers then decided to make a building that is predominantly residential space but with the first two levels as commercial space for shops.

The building is planned for two towers to be built side by side. It becomes a part of a development of a reclaimed land in the city. The building is built beside the Central Linear Park on the South Side. Construction of the building started sometime in 2005. It was completed by 2008.

The Sail At Marina Bay Features

The Sail At Marina Bay was Peter Pran from the design firm NBBJ. It is composed of two towers, the taller one known as the Marina Bay Tower and the other as the Central Park Tower. The two towers were built with a glass facade with the one built on the Marina Bay Tower to resemble a sail. The building complex was designed together to look like a deep canyon and with certain representations of influences in design such as the sun, wind and water.

The Marina Bay Tower stands 255 meters or 804 feet tall while the Central Park Tower stands 215 meters or 705 feet tall. The Marina Bay Tower has a total of 70 floors all in all while the Central Park Tower a total of 63 floors. The complex also comes with a total of 2,700 square meters or 29,000 square feet of retail space. The complex also has an underground link to the Raffles Place MRT Station.

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