The Sail Tower Israel

The Sail Tower is a government-owned skyscraper located in Haifa, Israel. It is considered as one of the tallest buildings in the Haifa District. It may even be considered as the tallest building in the city, if its antennas are included as part of the height measurement of the building.  The skyscraper is noted by its sail-like design as well as the combined use of the old and new Middle Eastern design influences.

Sail Tower History

The Sail Tower is one of the main complexes that were built as part of the Haifa District Government Centers project in several passing years. The project was founded in order to place government employees in a single compound for every country district. As for the Sail Tower, it was constructed in 1999 and was completed by February 28, 2002. The tower’s name was taken from the skyscraper’s distinctive ship sail design. It is also being referred to as “The Rocket” by the locals. The Sail Tower was designed by Amar-Koriel Architects.

Sail Tower Features

The Sail Tower’s main feature is its sail shape design. It stands 137 meters or 405 feet tall, including the building antennas. Disregarding the antennas, the topmost portion of the sail reaches up to 113 meters. Its main roof is at 95 meters. The tower has a total of 29 floors above ground.

The Sail Tower follows a modernist design, using a mixture of old and new Middle Eastern influences in both its exterior and interior designs. The building’s interior mainly features a contrast to its more modern exterior. The design for its interiors mostly follows an older Middle Eastern style, which includes the use of mosaics on the floors that depict the history of Haifa. The Sail Tower is considered as one of the city’s most famous and notable landmarks.

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