The Sail Tower

The Sail TowerThe Sail Tower is a striking building located in the Haifa district in Israel. The Sail Tower is officially known as District Government Center-Building B. It is a government office and an Emporis Award Nominee in 2002.

Building Profile

The Sail Tower stands 137 meters or 405 feet tall. It was once considered as the tallest building in Israel. It has since been surpassed by the IEC Tower in 2003. The Sail Tower still remains the tallest building in the Haifa District. The Building was designed by Amar-Koriel Architects and was constructed in 1999. The building construction was completed on February 28, 2002.

The Sail Tower comprises of 29 floors all in all that houses government offices. People can enter into the tower through an elevated situated 9.5 meters above the street. There is a separate lobby for visitors to enter at street level equipped with two elevators. The stretched plaza contains ten big steel arcs where mosaics describing Haifa’s history can be found. Also found in the plaza is a 1773 map of the city as well as a 1667 painting of Mount Carmel.

Other Features

The building is also known by the locals as "The Rocket" for its unique design. This primarily aluminum and glass building stands out as a unique feature in the skyline of the Haifa District. It is just one of the many other planned construction projects of the government that aims to put government employees working under a single compound for every country district in Israel. There are also plans being made for the tower to be connected by a bridge leading to a central rail station in the future.

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