Tokyo City Hall

Tokyo City Hall is a striking government building located in the Shinjuku District in Tokyo, Japan. Also known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the Tokyo City Hall is the main headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan government, which oversees 23 wards as well as the other cities, towns and villages that make up the whole of Tokyo. It is known as one of those popular landmarks that has come to represent the city of Tokyo.

Tokyo City Hall Profile

The Tokyo City Hall was constructed in 1988 and was completed and opened in 1991. it was designed by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The building cost around 157 billion Japanense Yen to construct.

Tokyo City Hall stands 242.9 meters or 797 feet tall. The tower comprises of 48 floors and covers a total floor area of 195,764 sq. meters or 2,107,190 sq. feet. It was considered as the tallest building in the city of Tokyo until the late 2006, when it gave the title to the new Midtown Tower.

Tokyo City Hall Features

The Tokyo City Hall is actually a complex comprised of three structures. Each structure takes up a city block. The most prominent of the structures is the 48-story Main Building No. 1. The tower splits into two at the 33rd floor of the building. This unique design was instituted by Kenzo Tange in order to give the tower a semblance of a computer chip. The split also gave the tower a look similar to that of a Gothic cathedral. The other two buildings of the said complex is the 8-story Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Building and the 34-story Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No. 2.

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