Tomorrow Square

Tomorrow Square is a skyscraper located in Shanghai, China. Located near the People’s Square in the Puxi district in the said city, this skyscraper is considered as the 5th tallest in Shanghai. It currently houses the Marriot Hotel along with individual executive apartment units.

Tomorrow Square Profile

The Tomorrow Square was constructed in 1997 and was finished around 2003. It was designed by the firm John Portman & Associates. It follows a modern architectural style and stands 285 meters or 934 feet tall. It contains a total of 58 floors all in all, with 3 floors located underground.

Tomorrow Square Features

Tomorrow Square is one of the more recognizable buildings in Shanghai. It features a Modernist design with a distinctive pyramid-like top. Primary materials used in the construction of the skyscraper are glass, concrete and aluminum. To hold the 55 floor tower, the Tomorrow Square has foundations composed of 80 meter long bored piles underground to support a column mat.

The unusual design of the top floors made it a design challenge for the architects. The skyscraper seems to transition from a square base into a diagonal square as it rises to the top. A decorative pyramid composed of four connected spires that meet at the top further gives it a distinctive shape.

Despite its all glass outer structure, the Tomorrow Square is actually an all-concrete building. Aside from the 342-room Marriot Hotel, the Tomorrow Square also has 255 individual apartment units. Its top floors actually hold the highest apartment units in Shanghai.

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