Toronto City Hall

Toronto City Hall is considered as one of the more distinctive landmarks in the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. It is specifically located on 100 Queen Street West. Its modernist take makes it quite a distinct structure that graces the Toronto skyline.

Toronto City Hall History

The current Toronto City Hall was a product of a design competition organized by the city of Toronto with plans in the 1950’s to replace its old City Hall which had been in place since it was completed in 1899. The design competition was organized since a prior building design offered by the 3 top architectural firms in the city tasked initially to come up with the design failed to impress the officials in its aim to build a modern structure for the city.

The design competition was held sometime in 1956 and attracted several designs coming from different countries. Over 500 designs were submitted, with the winning design eventually awarded to Finnish architect Viljo Revell. Revell received a cash award of $25,000 for winning along with the job of overseeing its construction. The city hall was built in 1961adn was completed in 1965.

Toronto City Hall Features

The Toronto City Hall is composed of two curved towers in cross-section with differing heights. It stands on a rectangular base. The east tower is 27 storeys high and stands 99.5 meters or 326 feet tall. The west tower, on the other hand stands 79.4 meters or 260 feet high and composed of a total of 20 storeys. In between the two curved towers lies the saucer-like council chamber. By virtue of its design, the Toronto City Hall looks like an eye when viewed from the air. It is because of this that the Toronto City Hall is also commonly known as “The Eye Of Government”.

Toronto City Hall Design

Revell’s design for the city hall follows a modernist architectural style. Since the aim of the building is to be built with a sense of what the future is, its very modern design lived up to its billing. And up until now, the design doesn’t seem to look or being considered as old architecture. It’s futuristic appeals still seems to impress people, even after more than 4 decades since it was first built.

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