Torre Altus

Torre Altus is a skyscraper located in Bosques de las Lomas in Paseo de los Laureles y Alcanfores in Mexico City, Mexico. Its location is part of one of the most exclusive residential and commercial areas in Latin America. It is considered to be the tallest residential building in Mexico as well as in the whole of Latin America. It is also currently the fifth tallest building in Mexico City.

Torre Altus History

Torre Altus was initially constructed in 1994. The tower was opened to residents by 1998. It was considered as part of the new wave of buildings that was constructed one after another in Mexico City during the 90’s. The building was designed by Augusto H. Alvarez. It was primarily designed as a residential building.

Torre Altus Features

Torre Altus stands 197 meters or 646 feet tall. It has a total of 45 floors with each floor having a floor to ceiling height of 3.45 meters. The floors are also serviced by a total of 15 elevators that move at a speed of 6.2 meters per second. The building contains a total of 61,000 square meters of living area.

The Torre Altus is primarily built anchored on 100 concrete piles that serve as its foundation. These piles is driven 25 meters into the soft zone and reached into firmer ground. Torre Altus is primarily built out of reinforced concrete along with other parts of the structure built with aluminum and glass.

Torre Altus is also considered as a smart as well as a green building. The building has a water system that distributes and generate energy saving cold water not only as the buildings water supply but also as a means to cool the living spaces inside. It also has a water saving system installed within. The building also features automatic elevators that efficiently travels into the floors with the most influx of people. The building is also considered earthquake proof, having been able to endure a history of four strong earthquakes since it was completed.

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