Trump Tower Chicago

Trump TowerThe Trump Tower Chicago is a looming skyscraper located in downtown Chicago, Illinois. The building is also known as the Trump International Hotel and Tower or Simply the Trump Tower. It was named after real estate mogul Donald Trump who had it built.

Trump Tower History

The Trump Tower was announced in July of 2001 to be constructed on the former site of the Sun-Times Building. It was planned to reach a height of 1,500 feet (460 meters), which would have made it the world’s tallest building. But the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks made Trump to scale down plans to built a 1,073 feet (327 meters) skyscraper instead. Trump selected Skidmore, Owings and Merrill to design the building in August, 2001. Adrian Smith was tasked to design the building by the Skidmore firm.

After many revisions on the building design, a final plan was eventually reached sometime in 2005 for a 1,362 feet (415 meters) building to be built. The construction process began on March of 2005. the Building finally opened on January 30, 2008.

Trump Tower Features

The design of the Trump Tower incorporated three setback features that aimed to provide visual continuity with the surrounding skyline and reflect the height of a nearby building. The first setback on the east side aligns with the cornice line of the nearby Wrigley Building. The second setback on the west side aligns with the River Plaza in the north and the Marina City Towers in the west. The third setback aligns with the North Wabash Building.

The Trump Tower stands 1,389 feet or 423.4 meters including its antenna. From its topmost roof, the height is measured at 1,170 feet or 356.6 meters. The Trump Tower contains 92 floors and covers a total floor area of around 2.6 million square feet or 242,000 square meters. The building houses a luxury hotel condominium as well as luxury residential studio apartments and suites. A restaurant as well as a spa and other retail spaces can also be found in the Trump Tower.

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