Two International Finance Center

Two International Finance CenterThe Two International Finance Center is the taller of two skyscrapers located in the waterfront of Hong Kong’s Central District. It is currently the tallest building in Hong Kong, the seventh tallest office building in the world based on structural height. It is considered as a prominent landmark in the whole of Hong Kong.

Building Profile

The Two International Finance Center was designed by Cesar Pelli and Associates. The building was completed sometime in 2003 and is attached to the second phase of the IFC mall. The building stands 415 meters tall and has a total of 88 storeys and 22 high ceiling trading floors for luck, according to ancient Chinese beliefs.

The building was built and designed mainly to house financial institutions. In fact it houses the Hong Kong Monetary Authority along with other notable banks and financial establishments. The building is equipped with advanced telecommunications systems and flexible cable management. The building also offers mostly column free floor plans to its tenants and can accommodate around 15,000 people all in all.

Other Notable Features

The building is one of the few buildings in the world that is equipped with double deck elevators. During its peak construction period over 3,500 workers hailing from different parts of the world worked at the site. The 55th floor is occupied by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Information Center and is open to the public.

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