Two Prudential Plaza

Two Prudential TowerTwo Prudential Plaza is a super tall skyscraper located in the Loop area in Chicago, Illinois. Also known by its slang name “2 Pru”, it is considered as the sixth tallest building in Chicago and the 13th tallest in the US. One reason why it is not one of the more popular skyscrapers in the city is because it is overshadowed by its neighbor, the Aon Center and partially blocked by its sister property, the One Prudential Plaza.

Two Prudential Plaza History

Two Prudential Plaza was commissioned for construction in 1988. It was eventually completed in 1990. The skyscraper was designed by design firm Loebl, Schlossman & Hackl.

The skyscraper was joined at the lobby with the older One Prudential Plaza. Without Two Prudential Plaza’s spire, the skyscraper barely passes the antenna built on top of One Prudential Plaza. By the time it was completed, Two Prudential Plaza was considered as the world’s tallest reinforced concrete building.

Two Prudential Plaza Features

Two Prudential Plaza is designed to project the Art Moderne style updated for the new generation. The building stands 995 feet or 303 meters tall. The distinctive shape of the skyscraper features chevron setbacks stacked on the north and south sides of the building. It is topped by a sharp pyramidal peak rotated 45 degrees. A diamond shape is created through chamfering of the top corners of the block. The building sides follow a grid pattern from top to bottom. Added visual features include long glass channels that run down the four sides of the building, creating an effect of a waterfall that flows through the chevron setbacks coming from the gables of the roofline.

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