Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky BuildingThe Umeda Sky Building is a unique and striking building that is part of the Osaka City skyline in Japan. It s located in the Umeda district of Kita-ku in Osaka. It is considered as the 7th tallest building in Osaka and one of its most recognizable landmarks.

Building History

The Umeda Sky Building was initially part of the "City of Air" project in 1988. The initial plan was to build four interconnected towers in northern Osaka. But eventually the plan was downsized to connecting two towers for practical considerations. The building was constructed by Takenaka Corporation ans was designed by Hiroshi Hara. Construction was completed sometime in 1993.

Building Features

The Umeda Sky Building stands 173 meters or 568 feet tall. In consists of two towers with 40 floors each. One unique feature of the building is that both of the towers is connected by a bridge on the uppermost stories of the two towers. There is also an escalator that crosses the wide atrium space on the center. The building also contains a rooftop observatory which provides a great view of the city of Osaka. The base of the building features an urban garden with walking trails as water installations.

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