United States Capitol

The United States Capitol is a famous government building and landmark located atop Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. It is considered the home of the United States Congress and the legislature of the US Federal government. It is one of the more recognizable buildings in the US and has quite a long history attached to it.

United States Capitol History

The first foundations for the United States Capitol was laid in a groundbreaking ceremony on September 18,1793. The initial design for the building was created by William Thornton, an amateur architect whose design was chosen as a result of a design competition held to get the best design for the planned Capitol. It underwent subsequent revisions along the way.

Construction of the Senate wing was completed around 1800 while the House wing reached completion around 1811. the United States Capitol underwent several reconstructions over the years mainly due to damage during the war as well as further extending the building to what it has become in its recent state.

United States Capitol Features

The United States Capitol is an impressive example of a building under a Neoclassical architectural style. It mainly consists of two wings with a big central dome dividing them. Each wing contain 540 rooms divided among the four levels of the building. The dome houses the Rotunda that serves as a gallery of paintings and sculptures depicting American history.

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